Annual Reports

To be compliant and commited to our values of integrety and transparency, Embrace FARM compiles an annual report showing its accounts and operations from the year previous. Please see all existing and current annual reports below since the Embrace FARM received its charitable status (December 2017).

Annual Report 2018

To view this, please click 2018 Annual Report

Annual Report 2019

To view this please click 2019 Annual Report 

Conference Reports

Resilient Farmers’ Conference 

During 2019, Embrace FARM held a conference in conjunction with Rural Support Northern Ireland and the Farm Safety Foundation UK (England) to highlight the subject of Resilience in Farming. The objectives of this conference were to

  • Highlight the issues impacting farmers’ health and resilience and the responsibility of everyone including the Government and Industry
  • Ensure stakeholders and policy makers understand and act on the fact that farmers’ health and resilience is everyone’s business
  • Identify opportunities and actions which can be taken forward across sectors to safeguard farmers’ well-being.

Dr. Maria Feeney – Professor of Socialogy from Dublin City University compiled a report from all three events to outline the objectives and narrate the conclusions which emerged from the findings and feedback on each conference day.


Copy of the report can be found here. All Island Resilient Farmers Conference FINAL Report