Embrace FARM’s ethos is embedded in supporting people who have been affected by farm accidents, those who have passed away and those who survive. The heart behind this is being the voice and advocate for people affected by farm accidents.

Embrace FARM supports and encourages the awareness of farm safety by fellow agricultural organisations and agri businesses. Embrace FARM is happy to support and connect with the agriculture community to help raise awareness on farm safety by telling our stories on how a farm tragedy has affected our lives. As our founder Brian Rohan often says ‘We don’t want others to have to join our organisation’.

Each year on average, 22 people, including children and the elderly, are killed and somewhere between 2,000 and 2,500 accidents happen on the farms of Ireland. Support is needed for these people who live on after losing a loved one or have to adapt to a life changing injury, having the Embrace FARM network as a resource for people to connect with and understand without judgment and with compassion is a priceless resource in the farming community.

Embrace FARM will be submitting a Farm Safety Submission to advocate based on the core areas and principles of our network, to highlight what actions government should take to help with Farm Safety and its aftermath.

We invite you to view our Agri Organisations page Useful Links page to see what resources are available out there, for those of you wanting to implement a safe working environment in a practical and professional capacity.

Farm Safety Week 2018

Case Study 1: Patsy O’ Connor
Case Study 2: Oliver McElligott
Case Study 3:Brian Rohan (Embrace Farm)

“You have to do all you can when you’re down in the yard that day to make sure you get back safe to your family that night” – Brian Rohan